Wedding Dreams

..or maybe I should say nightmares? Last night I had a dream that I woke up and it was the day of my wedding. I looked at the clock and it was 12 in the afternoon so I instantly freaked out. I missed my hair appointment and realized that I hadn't bought any of the makeup I had planned on buying. I ran out the door trying to find the nearest Sephora and remembered where I was and realized the closest one was probably about 2 hours away. I gave up and went to Walmart...

Then I went all over the place trying to find someone that would do my hair but no one would take me. Then it was 2 hours before the wedding and I still wasn't ready and I freaked out even more because I realized that I hadn't written my vows yet either. Then I texted Brett telling him what was happening and he said not to worry about it and that everything would work out. It's nice to know that even in my dreams Brett comforts me.

I'm always hearing about how other people have had wedding anxiety dreams. If you're getting married or have been married, did you have any crazy dreams?

Image of "Our" Barn

Inspired By

The First Signs of Spring, Weekend Looks, Yummy Breakfasts and a Big Lofty Space Where I Can Design and Print All Day Long.



It's supposed to be snowy and rainy the next two days here. Instead of sulking, I'll just pretend I'm this lady hanging out in the middle of nowhere soaking up the rays. Image


Spring Outfit: to the Farmers Market

Spring is taking it's sweet time getting here. I can't wait til it gets warmer and I can bust out all my Spring and Summer clothes again. So soon...
1 Tote, 2 Sunglasses, 3 Rings, 4 Dress, (I just purchased this little number - can't wait to try it on!) 5 Bracelet, 6 Sandals, 7 Scarf


My Weekend

My weekend consisted of a Queens of the Stone Age concert, lemon ricotta pancakes, new shoes and more Etsy work (which resulted in a broken printer. Aye yay yay. How was your weekend?

P.s. Brett's not one of those people that just wears sunglasses inside. Our apartment gets blasted with sunlight in the afternoon so we pretty much have to wear them until the sun sets. I don't mind...


Be Back Monday

This week has been a kind of crazy which explains the lack of posts. I'll be back on Monday with (hopefully) some weekend pics. In the meantime, be sure to check out the following links below. Image from here.

This chorus performed at work this week and they gave me some serious chills. Here's one of their songs.

I can't wait to catch-up and watch Joy's living room be made over.

After seeing these two posts, I'm craving a trip to Cali.

This issue of Rue Magazine is pretty fab. Don't you think?


A Farm Wedding

I love everything about this farm wedding shot by James Moes. Isn't is beautiful?


Happy Friday!

With a high of 70 in NYC, spring is definitely in the air! Only two more days and winter is officially over. I'm really looking forward to this weekend since I will finally have a chance to take a breather. We have fun plans with Brett's sister. I'm going to make my Irish soda bread (I'm late, I know) and hopefully take care of my taxes. Have a good weekend friends! Image
P.s. How excited does this photo make you? It reminds me that I have to pickup a big floppy sunhat for this summer.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day friends! Hope you get a free second to do an Irish jig - especially you Kaitlin!
Image 1, Image2



There's something about letterpress that's so soothing to watch. Enjoy!


Triptychs of Strangers

I love this photos series by Adde Adesokan. You can really tell alot about a person by just the three photographs. Fun idea! 
Found via designworklife.


Seven Years Ago Today

  ...I met Brett! I remember the day perfectly. My friends said that they were going to the sophomore dorms for a party that night and they wanted me to go because they thought I should meet this guy named Brett. Even though my school was only freshman and sophomores (you transfer to NYC after 2 years) and was only about 150 people, I surprisingly didn't know who he was. They said we liked the same music so we might hit it off. So all day my roommate and I were excited and were trying to figure out what to wear and all those girly things. Then came party time. We walked over to the sophomore dorms and opened the door to the party and boom there was Brett playing the drums. All I could think of was "who is this kid? drums? in a dorm room?" We hit it off instantly and we've been inseparable ever since. So needless to say I'm really glad I went to that party. Happy Friday Friends!  


Spring Shopping

Spring is around the corner and I'm craving some quality shopping time. I must resist though - it's all about saving for me right now and I'm trying to pretend it's just as fun...it really isn't.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Dear June

Loving these beautiful sea-inspired scarves from Dear June. It's the perfect accessory after a day at the beach and you need something to keep your sunburned skin warm while enjoying a cocktail by the water. Mmmm summer.


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Friends! I think this is going to be my motto, if not for the rest of my life, than for at least the next 6-8 months. There's lots to be done over the next few months and I just have to keep reminding myself that if I keep plugging away it will all pay off. I wish I didn't have to talk in code but you never know who happens to visit your blog from time to time. I hope you have a great weekend and let's all breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that Spring is only 18 days away! Cheers! 


The Birthday Celebration

Brett's birthday celebration was a success! We started off with a few drinks at McSorley's which is NYC's oldest ale house. (Unfortunately, low lighting plus a few drinks equals bad photos so this is the only one that's somewhat postable.) Then we headed off to BUTTER for some really, really good food. All day I was nervous that I picked just an ok place but as soon as we were seated I looked to my left and there sitting right next to me was Isaac Mizrahi. I felt relieved and thought that my decision wasn't too shabby. I love Brett's birthday and I think I love it more than he does haha. Happy Birthday love!


Birthday Boy

It's the future hub's birthday today and I can't wait to get off of work so I can spoil him rotten! I have lots to do until then so I'll see you tomorrow! Image