Happy Friday!

With a high of 70 in NYC, spring is definitely in the air! Only two more days and winter is officially over. I'm really looking forward to this weekend since I will finally have a chance to take a breather. We have fun plans with Brett's sister. I'm going to make my Irish soda bread (I'm late, I know) and hopefully take care of my taxes. Have a good weekend friends! Image
P.s. How excited does this photo make you? It reminds me that I have to pickup a big floppy sunhat for this summer.


katie said...

i can't wait for that weather either! the photo looks so comfy and warm!

Jenny said...

70, nice! Have a great weekend!

christine donee said...

I am on the lookout for a big hat too! Good luck on your search :)


Collette Osuna said...

Hello...I just fround your blog...super cute!! and you are SOO lucky to be having great weather:) I love NYC, too bad i live in Michigan:(

Im a new follower..so nice to meet you:0

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Julie said...

Hope your weekend was great!

Lula said...

This photo DOES make me really excited! Cannot wait for summer to kick in. Oh Beach, how I miss ya.

Hillary said...

this past weekend gorgeous all up and down the east coast. can't wait for the sunshine to return!