Invitation Inspiration

Creating Christina & Mark's Wedding Invitations

After finding this amazing video on Oh So Beautiful Paper, I'm scared I might try and attempt something a bit nuts when it comes to our wedding invitations. I'm trying to remind myself to just keep it simple but I don't see that happening. Shoot!


Mini Tour

My band went on a mini West Coast tour this week. We stopped in L.A., San Fran, Portland and Seattle. What I would do to live on the West Coast/be a full time rock and roller...
This photo is from our KEXP radio gig. More photos



We have a new obsession with barns. Why? I'll tell you later ;)


Fourth of July

Another great weekend up at the cabin! My future niece and nephew were up from Florida. Aren't they they cutest kids on earth? We took them to a nearby farm and saw "moo cows," watched some fireworks, ate lots of hamburgers and hot dogs and swam in Colgate Lake. The last picture is one of my new favorites. Brett's going to be a great dad some day :)