Happy Friday and Halloween!

Happy Friday! Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? When I was three, my parents dressed me up as Superman, not Superwoman, Superman. (My dad really wanted a boy). With a three day weekend, I'm hoping to get lots of projects finished. Hope you have a spooky weekend! Image

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Gray Walls

Our apartment renovations are almost all done except we're thinking of painting our apartment. Why, because we're crazy? Well, not really. Our (super nice) landlord actually offered to have it painted so we figure hey, why not? I think we're going to go with gray walls. It feels so fresh and calming. What do you think? Images found here and here.

Guilty Pleasures

Is it me or is this every girls favorite song to sing? Every time I hear it I think of my sister who used to sing it 
all the time back in high school. (She used to be one for the dramatics, haha.) 

And how can you not love Carole King? She's 68 and she's still got it.

I totally believe in music therapy. Back in high school, good day or bad, I would get home from school, run up 

to my room and literally sing until dinner time (sorry Kate). So go ahead, sing along. You'll feel better. I promise.


Pendleton Blankets

So many amazing patterns to choose from at Pendleton. These two are my favorite.


Friends of Type

Jessica Hische is guest blogging over at Friends of Type this week. I actually lived in Bushwick for about 6 months or so and it left a bad taste in my mouth but this Neil Young inspired poster she made makes it all better.


My fiancé and I are hoping to travel a lot after we're married and before babies are in the picture. We've started a list of all the places we'd like to go and it's getting longer and longer. South Africa might be on top of the list but more and more I want to go Turkey. Here are some photos taken by Maria Kopytova. What's the number one place you're dreaming to go to? Found via Miss Moss


Be Still

Big fan of these pillows over at Be Still.

My Weekend

This weekend we revamped our apartment and finally after three years, dun dun dun, we were able to install cable and internet!  While we were hammering, sweeping and all that jazz, I would stop and sing this song to Brett (yes, I'm that much of a dork). We had fondue night, ran some errands in Red Hook and finished a few etsy jobs. Two days just isn't enough. Hope you had lovely weekend as well!


F is for Friday

Hurray for Friday! What are you up to this weekend my dears? I'm excited to watch the Yankees hopefully win the playoffs. But I'm even more excited to finally be printing our save the dates! After designing many wedding invitations for clients I thought ours would be a piece of cake to design. Ya right. It's hard when you're your own worst critic. Can't wait to share them with you!


Dance, Dance, Dance

Today I feel like dancing, singing and being in L.A.. While I can do two of those things today, I can't do the third. 
So I guess this video will have to do. 


Alexa Meade

This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen in a while.  DC artist, Alexa Meade, paints live people to make them look like portraits. 3D to 2D. Absolutely amazing! Check out more of her work here. Found via A Cup of Joe.

Apartment Therapy

After looking at a bunch of apartments, we decided to stay in the one we've been living in for the past three years. All the other places just didn't feel right and we're happy to be staying put, especially since our landlord suddenly decided she wanted us to stay and lowered our rent!! Unheard of :) 

Since we found out the good news, we've been making small changes to our tiny abode. Yesterday we bought this bad boy to hang. I love all the work in Debbie Carlos' shop but this one is definitely my favorite. 


Monday, Monday

I didn't end up taking any pictures this weekend so I'll leave you with this fun video from one of my favorites, 
the Mamas and the Papas. Mama Cass you're my idol, muumuu and all.


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday y'all! What are you up to this weekend? Our plans are pretty up in the air right now because we both have lots of work/things we need to get done. So we shall see. It's really starting to feel like Fall and it's starting to get pretty cold. They even turned our heat on in our apartment yesterday! Yikes. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Image

The Ace Hotel Wedding Invitation Suite

Another Wedding Invitation Suite has been added to the shop.


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New to the Shop: The Ashley Wedding Invitation Suite

A new Wedding Invitation Suite has been added to the shop. More designs coming soon!


My Weekend

This is a weekend I will definitely never forget and I have my momma to thank for that! Oh, and I think someone is trying to tell me something because I keep running into the cutest dogs on earth. I swear that lil guy wanted me to take him home with me.