My Weekend

The second photo pretty much sums up my weekend. (Don't worry, I do recycle them once they're finished.) This weekend was some of the best weather we've had all winter. Spring feels so close! Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Happy Friday!

This has been a whirlwind of a week and I almost wish it was Wednesday (what's wrong with me?) because I have some fast approaching deadlines. I had a dream that I went to work in my bathrobe the other night and now I'm terrified that that might actually happen. Eesh! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Image


Etsy Quit Your Day Job

"Wake up when you want, work in your pajamas if you want, drink champagne while answering emails if you want...but what I really love is that the risks and the rewards are all ours." Yup, that sounds about right. Read more about Shauna from Something's Hiding In Here here.

Bklynstitch Lovin'

Brett and I were so excited to see our Save the Dates featured on the Readymade blog yesterday. What made it even better is that we're sandwiched between two of my favorite designers, Indigo Bunting and Rifle Paper Co. It gave us extra motivation to finally start our invitations. Thanks Readymade!


My Weekend

A weekend at the cabin, a day trip to Hudson and an unexpected snowstorm in NYC. How was your weekend?


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! We're off to the cabin to enjoy a nice three day weekend together. See you on Tuesday! Image



For Valentine's Day, Brett and I decided that instead of buying gifts we should decide on what to do for our honeymoon and book our tickets. Seeing how it was unanimous vote we decided on Greece! So for the first two weeks as husband and wife we'll be galavanting around the islands. We're beyond excited, so excited that I put together a little roundup.


Currently Dreaming Of

...owning a studio where I can design and print the night away. Who knows maybe I'd even pick up my paintbrushes again. Image


Totes Ma' Gotes

Really digging Made By Hank's new totebag.

Scout & Catalogue

Pouches by Scout & Catalogue.  I'll take one of each please. 


Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! Brett and I are planning on staying home and making a nice dinner and some chocolate fondue.  
How are you celebrating? Image

My Weekend

This weekend certainly flew by! There was some wine and cheese with my future sis in law and lots and lots of cutting and printing. Our apartment has been completely taken over by shreds of paper and is an absolute mess. Time to start looking for a studio? I think so.


Happy Friday!

Happy friday friends! See you bright and early on Monday! Image


Recently I joined Pinterest and now I'm completely addicted. I always wanted a way to bookmark images and this is the perfect place to do it. Feel free to follow me here!


It's Been So Cold

...that I'm beginning to forget what my legs look like. Image


On the Inside

All images from Desire to Inspire. 


My Weekend

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. There was lots of work to be done and lots of food to be eaten. Superbowl Sunday is always fun. We made meatball sliders and this Mac n' cheese (obviously both very wedding dress friendly recipes...you only live once right?). How was your weekend?


Happy Friday!

Yessss it's Friday! Let's pretend we're all about to hop on a plane to somewhere warm where we can splash around in warm water and drink cocktails. K? k! Happy Friday friends! image

Ban.do + Shark Pig

Glitter, confetti and sequins. The Ban.do girls have done it again.


Wallet Help

Since my wallet was on the ground of a taxi cab for about two days it's now muddy and totally ruined. I'm not complaining - I'm extremely happy to have all my ids back - but now I need to buy a new one. I've been looking for one the past couple of days and haven't really found anything that I love. There was a beautiful one from A.P.C. I found a few months ago but can't find it now. Any suggestions as to where to look?
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New to the Shop

Two new suites have been added to the shop. Be sure to check them out here!