Happy Halloween!

Hope ya'll have a Happy Halloween! Brett's parents are visiting for the weekend so I think we're going to show them the flea, the Fort Greene farmers market and probably head to the West Village for some grub and perhaps the parade. Have a great weekend!


Wedding Invitations

It's been a few months since my sister was married but I thought I'd share these anyway. These are her invitations I designed based on her purple themed wedding. My mom did the calligraphy on the envelopes. As a whole they turned out pretty nice.

Fishs Eddy and School

There are some days when I'm on the subway headed to work and I see college kids and little kids on there way to school. It makes me wish I were back in school again. If I were to go back, I would do something totally different yet still probably something creative - like cooking. With that said here are some cool dishes I found in Fishs Eddy. It looks like they have been around for a while but they are new to me.



For some reason I'm in jewelry mode all of sudden. How cool are these necklaces by Spinthread?


Beautiful Ring

I love this ring by the beside.


My Weekend

It was another weekend well spent at the cabin. Lots of rain, lots of hiking and lots of wine.


Happy Friday!

Off to the cabin for some fresh air. Have a great weekend!


Etsy Find
I'm thinking this Cool, Salmon Tray would look nice on my dresser. Perfect for holding jewelry, no?
Dreamy Kitchens

Someday I'll live in a home that has a kitchen bigger than my office cubicle. I hope it looks like one of these. I've been collecting these images for a while and am not sure where they are all from but most were found via desire to inspire.


Cursive Design

Some really nice things over at Cursive Design.


Lorena Barrezueta

I love the collection by Lorena Barrezeuta based on take out containers.
Etsy Finds - The Rustic Look

Wooden Bowl, Dairy Bottle, Tea Light Holders, Flower Vase


Nestled In Home

I really enjoyed seeing the home of Katja and Minna from Nestled In. via Etsy: The Storque


A Rainy Weekend

It was really cold and rainy this weekend but it was still nice. My awesome sisters and mom gave me a really nice cowl from Seedknits for my birthday. We saw God of Carnage which was also a gift from one of my sisters. (Thanks Kris and Joe!!) Made some vanilla-almond waffles and bacon.

Here's the recipe I used.

1 egg, room temperature and separated 1 cup all purpose flour (I used whole wheat flour to make it a little heathlier) 1 tsp baking powder 1/8 tsp salt 1 tbs brown sugar 3/4 cup milk 1 tbs vanilla extract 3 tbs butter, melted and cooled 1/4 cup almonds (slivered) Beat egg white in a small bowl until stiff and set aside. Mix together dry ingredients and set aside. Combine egg yolk, milk, vanilla and butter. Add to dry ingredients, mixing until just blended. Fold in beaten egg white until just mixed. Do not overbeat batter. Cook on waffle iron and add almonds after it is cooked.


Subway Poster

Graphic designer, Erin Jang, designed this subway poster for her nephew who loves the NYC subway. Cute huh?
A Very Good Day

This morning before work I headed off to B&H and bought a new camera. I'm always scared to make big purchases like this one but I think it'll be worth it. Have you guys ever been to B&H? It feels like Santa's workshop.


It's that time of year again.

It's supposed to be about 45 degrees here in NY today. Unfortunately, they don't turn our heat on until November in my building. I just want to drink tea and stay in bed all day. Here are a few things to keep warm.
Mittens, Cowl, Beret, Wrist Worms


Gold Teeth Brooklyn

This print by Gold Teeth may be really simple but I love it. It'd look nice in my future studio...that's me dreaming again.
Lonny Magazine

Here are my favorite spreads from the new virtual Lonny Magazine. As per usual it made me want a much bigger apartment. Someday...


Cards and a Broken Camera

Here are a few more cards I made with my gocco machine. So it's official - my camera is broken. This is actually the last picture I was able to get out of it. I'm pretty bummed about it but I guess it has lasted me fours years and that's a long time for a camera like that. Looks like I'll be buying a new camera sooner than I thought. Any suggestions?


The Big 2-4!

Here's a picture of yours truly. Last night Brett and I celebrated my birthday. We went to 5Ninth in the Meatpacking District which was delicious. Then we had some cupcakes from the famous Magnolia Bakery. It's been a fantastic couple of days!
Gocco is addicting

Saturday was a day full of gocco. Here are two of the prints/cards I made. It was so fun and I made a complete mess. By the time I was done I had ink all over me and I felt like I was in art school again. I'm hoping to make many more today and hopefully have them in my etsy shop soon.