Bridal Shower Favors

My mom, little sis and I made about 80 lavender sachets for my sisters bridal shower.
It took a long time but it was worth it.


Lots to do.

I have a very busy couple of days ahead of me. Tonight my band (The Secret History) is playing at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg. My sister and her fiance are coming from D.C. to see it. Then my mother and little sis are coming from North Carolina to help me get everything for my sisters bridal shower finished. Her shower is on Saturday. Very excited! Will post all the projects that I've been making for it very soon.


Urban Dwellings

Urban Dwellings has an amazing portfolio. Too bad it'll be ages til I have my own house.
Found via simple + pretty.


Could it be?

It's been raining for what feels like three straight weeks in NYC.
Wearing my rain boots and carrying my umbrella around is starting
to get old. But it looks like we might finally have some sunshine!
Thank God! Have a happy weekend!

Photo by Sunshine.


Bridesmaid Shoes - Help!

I have to buy gold shoes for my sisters wedding. I'm having a hard time deciding since gold isn't my favorite color. Which ones would you pick?
Renegade Craft Fair

The craft fair made for such a great day. I walked away with a beautiful pair of earrings and a necklace made by Erica Weiner. Hope you had a great weekend!


Renegade Craft Fair - Brooklyn

If you're in Brooklyn this weekend and are looking for something to do, you should check out the Renegade Craft Fair at Mccarren Park. Visit their site for more information.


New York

A present for my boyfriends almost 2 year old niece. From Brooklyn Industries.


There's nothing better...

...than picnicing in the park.