My Weekend

It was so cold this weekend that I ended up just staying home for the most part and doing things around the apartment. These photos pretty much sum up my weekend. There was some knitting, some tea and lots of sunshine. When the day comes that we leave our apartment, that is definitely one of the things that I'm going to miss - we get the best light in the afternoon. You feel like you could get a tan (or in my case a sunburn) just sitting on the couch. How was your weekend?


Have a great weekend!

Friday ended being a really busy day so I wasn't able to wish you all a happy weekend. This weekend I'll be working on design concepts, printing on my gocco printer and watching some snow fall. Hope you have a great weekend. Stay warm!
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Bridal Shower Invitations

Custom Bridal Shower Invitations with matching envelope liners are now up in the the shop.

Baby Animals

These prints by Sharon Montrose are the cutest. Wouldn't they be great as a series hanging up in a babies room? I'm not sure which one is my favorite - it's between the porcupine and the piglet.

It's snowing here in NYC and I have to say it's quite pretty so maybe I'll stop complaining about how much I want spring :)


We Love Typography

If you're into typography (or not) We Love Typographyis a great source for inspiration.


Color of 2010

In celebration of Pantones pick for the color of 2010, I've decided to put together some lovely items in such color. Items going clockwise: Cupcake Liners, Wool Pebbles, Brooklyn Poster, Ceramic Takeout Container, Bowtie, Yoyo


Spool No. 72

The clothing at Spool No 72 makes me crave Spring even more. I love the vibrant colors and patterns. Found via Darling Dexter.

New in the Shop

Party invitations and matching thank yous are now in the shop.

My Weekend

My weekend consisted of walks in the park, lovely long phone calls with my sister, chocolate croissants and etsy orders. How was your weekend?


Happy Friday!

This weekend I don't have too much planned but I'll be working on more custom orders and hopefully start some sewing projects. Is anyone else getting tired of winter? I'm definitely ready for some sun on the face and the smell of bbqs and sunscreen in the air. Ahh...Have a great weekend!
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Etsy Finds Friday

items going clockwise:
old rose dress, gingham cards, pink rose bobby pin,
glass bottle necklace, print


Valentine's Goodie Bags

How great are the Valentine's Goodie Bags over at Twig and Thistle? You can download the pdf, print it out, fill them with goodies and give it to your special someone.


Christine Celic Strohl

Check out Christine Celic Strohls work. I just spent some time staring at her work. It's pretty perfect.


Hello Handmade

Yesterday I received an email from Shanna and Betsy from Hello Handmade. They introduced me to their handwritten valentines. Aren't they beautiful?

Mint Business Cards

Ellie over at mint designed the cutest business cards for her shop. It's making the wheels turn which is good because I need some cards of my own.

My Weekend

This weekend was nice. The extra day off is always amazing! Got a haircut, walked around Williamsburg and my friend Lyz came over. One of my goals for 2010 is to learn how to knit and Lyz is quite the knitter so she's slowly teaching me. I had a lot of custom orders this weekend so nothing too exciting happened. I was hoping to see Avatar but that's going to have to wait til next weekend I guess. Oh and Friday night I received my bracelet and necklace from dores. How was your weekend?


Etsy Finds Friday

Wow, this was a crazy week. So happy it's Friday and even happier that it's a three day weekend. The plans so far are to finally see Avatar, do some things around the apartment and work on etsy ideas. What are your plans?

Since it's been so gray here in NYC I thought it'd be nice to have some color. Here are some lovely finds in this weeks theme: teal. Don't you want to just decorate a whole room with a bunch of those pom poms? Have a great weekend everyone!
Items going clockwise:
pom pom,
italian cotton ribbons,
decorative clipboard,
flower ring


Blogs of the Month

It seems like every other day I stumble upon another beautiful blog that I fall in love with. I've decided to post some new favorites of mine and will do so every month. Here are three new favorites of mine.

Mustard and Sage Meghan posts unique finds on fashion, interior and graphic design.

Happy Lady Eats This blog is run by Joy from Oh Joy and it's all about food. HPE posts about dining accessories, great places to eat and recipes. It's a must see.

Lovely Clusters This lovely blog is run by Rachel from Hawaii. She finds beautiful things on etsy and pairs them all together to create "lovely clusters." A few of my cards are even featured on her site this month!


Bag and Shoe

I'm a sucker for a great bag. After getting two beautiful bags for Christmas I certainly don't need one but these were too nice not to post. Many more bags can be found at bag and shoe.

JCrew Macalister Boots

A few weeks ago I ordered these JCrew Macalister Boots and I finally got them in the mail last night. Unfortunately they're too big for me. They're a size 5.5 in men's (Womens 7.5 but feel more like a size 8) and are the color shown above (stone). I will be listing them on ebay in the next couple of days. Let me know if you are interested!


WildFlower Note Cards

New note cards are now in the shop.

Dores Jewelry

Dores' Winter Collection just came out yesterday and I love every piece. I treated myself and purchased the middle two pieces. I can't wait to wear them!