Spring Shopping

Spring is around the corner and I'm craving some quality shopping time. I must resist though - it's all about saving for me right now and I'm trying to pretend it's just as fun...it really isn't.
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Mo Pie, Please said...

Great finds! I love that bag, and those clogs...oi!

It's so not easy to save money. But i understand your predicament right now! Good luck and stay strong! Once your big day comes you'll realize it was all worth it!

Tamuna said...

Oh, amazing picks! I'm especially fancying the scarf and the bag!!!
As far as saving money, it's difficult to completely stop shopping, at least for me, but what I do is - I allow myself to buy something nice once a week or so...under $20. It's reasonable to find things cheap if you shop sales and use coupons :)

A Journey to Style

katie said...

adorable picks! i love the skirt and the bangles! can't wait for spring skirt weather.
i just came across your blog today, and i love it!