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I don't like Football

...but I love the food that goes with watching it. Amazing Chili and Cornbread Recipe over at Smitten Kitchen.


NYC Craft Beer Week

If you're in the NY area be sure to check out the NYC Craft Beer Week. I'm off to taste some beer with the fiance and friends. Cheers!

Lisa Landøe


Loving these photos by Lisa Landøe.  Found via Miss Moss.

Made Me Smile

Sold here. Found here.


Marcel the Shell

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?

My Weekend

Yesterday was a bit busy so these are a day late. It was another great weekend up at the cabin. I'm already counting down the hours til this weekend! Hope you had a great weekend!


Happy Friday!

We're heading up to the cabin again for a fun filled Fall weekend. We'll be going to a Beer and Wine Festival and hopefully going apple picking. Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Image


Currently Drooling Over

...the Emersonmade house.
More photos can be found here.


Flour Pot Bakery

I'm loving Flour Pot Bakery's new branding designed by Sara Nicely.
Found via the Dieline.


Fall is just two days away and apple picking season is here! I'm hoping to go this weekend
so I can bake some of these mouth-watering desserts. All recipes can be found on
Smitten Kitchen.


My Weekend

Monday...already? We had a great weekend up in the cabin. All day on Saturday we shot our engagement
shoot with our good friend Dave! I'm dying to see the photos and can't wait to share them with you but for
now they're still a surprise. Then we played some tennis, ate way too much and relaxed by the fire.
What'd you do this weekend?


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday y'all! I've been counting down to this weekend for a while now. Brett, our good friend and I are headed up to the cabin for something special. Can't wait to share what it's about! Have a beautiful weekend friends!

Tornado In Brooklyn

Fortunately I was underground trying to get home while all this happened. It felt very unfortunate at the time
because it took about 2 hours for me to get home and I had no idea what was going on above ground but now
I feel lucky. (Excuse the language in the video...I think they were scared.) Article about the storm can be
found here.
*Note: The blog may look a little funky in the next couple of days. Bare with me as I'm trying to change
the layout. Thanks!




Lena's new Lines and Shapes looks amazing. Might just have to buy this one.
Sorry I've been mia the past couple of days. Works has been cah-razy and we're getting ready for something fun and exciting for this weekend. Can't wait to tell you about it later!
Photograph by Kirsten Kay Thoen


Happy Friday!

Yes, it's Friday! This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year every year. I know it sounds weird but after Labor Day, the city feels different. There's definitely been a chill in the air this week and a sense that Fall's coming our way. Fashion Week is here. It's coming down to the finals in the U.S. Open (Go Clijsters!) and it's one of our best friends birthday on Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to find some Fall duds and bake my first pie!



Eataly is a new Italian marketplace/restaurant/bonanza that opened last Tuesday. It's actually the whole bottom floor of the building I work in. Pretty cool! I was able to check it out a few days after it opened last week and was able to meet the owner himself, Mario Batali!


Fish Food

Lately I've been bored with my go to dinner recipes, so I've been searching for some inspiration. I just hit the jackpot by finding Teri Lyn's amazing food blog called Fish Food . She takes beautiful photos and come up with some great recipes. I think I just heard my stomach growling...