My Weekend

It was a great weekend but I have next to nothing when it comes to pictures. Sorry guys! I promise to start taking better and more pictures in February. 

Something interesting happened over the weekend though. I accidently (too many drinks) left my wallet in a cab this past Saturday. Luckily I didn't have that much in it and quickly canceled all my cards. I figured my wallet was a goner and even started searching for a new wallet yesterday. This morning I went to work and within five minutes of being there got a phone call from someone who took that same cab this morning and found my wallet! I find it pretty amazing and refreshing that in such a big city, people will actually take time out of their day to give someone something important that they lost. Just another reason why I like this place.


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Here are some links for your weekend:
This is such a beautiful wedding!
The third issue of Rue Magazine is live and it's amazing.
This photographer makes me want to go on vacation STAT.
I'll take one of everything please!


Outside My Window

Thought I'd snap some photos before heading off to work today. I may be tired of winter but at least the snow's pretty!



I'm taking a blogging break for a day or two. The lack of sunshine is really bringing me down and making it hard to feel inspired. Anyone have any mid-winter remedies? Image


Lovely Things

My camera stayed in it's little bag all weekend so I don't have any photos to share. So instead here are a few things I'm loving right now. 1. This Cute Dress 2. This Ring 3. Braids (Source Unknown) 4.These Citrine Drop Necklaces 5. Hair Accessories 6. Pretty Type 7. These Cute Pens 8. This Pretty Backed Dress


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! What are your plans for the weekend? We're hoping to catch up with old friends, meet up with new friends and work on a few small projects. Hope it's lovely! Image


Made Me Smile

Found here.

Inspired By: Warmer Weather

I'm craving some serious sunshine right now. Oh Summer, why are you so far away?
1,2, 3, 4


Oh Darling! Photography

When we first started planning our wedding we went over what we thought were the two most important things. Right away we knew our top priorities were the location and the photographer. After reading Whitney's blog for quite some time now, I knew her and her husband, Dustin, would be the perfect match. Brett and I were able to meet the super nice couple back in September and ever since we're so excited to have them as our wedding photographers! Check out more of their beautiful work here.


New to the Shop

A few new suites have been added to the shop. Feel free to email me at bklynstitch@gmail.com for more information.

My Weekend

Etsy Work, Great Food in Rhinebeck and a Much Needed Haircut. Three day weekends rule. How was your weekend?


I Want To Go To There

Brett and I are in the stages of planning our honeymoon and are trying to decide where we should go. Right now it's between Greece and Mexico. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is making it REALLY hard to decide!


Happy Friday!

Friday is here and a three day weekend is ahead! A day trip up to Rhinebeck and staying warm are the only two goals for the weekend. 
What about you?

P.s. I'm quite sad to hear about Trish Keenan from Broadcast as she was one of my favorite singers. 


Snow Days

It's days like this I really wish I was back in school because classes are definitely canceled today due to the snow. 1, 2, 2, 3, 4,


New to the Shop

New Wedding Invitation Suites and Save the Dates in the shop.