I'm taking a blogging break for a day or two. The lack of sunshine is really bringing me down and making it hard to feel inspired. Anyone have any mid-winter remedies? Image


Mo Pie, Please said...

I've got no remedies. I'm in the same sort of position as you. Total mid-winter blues. I need a vacation to somewhere warm and sunny!

Maybe we should paint our nails a summer color? I just don't know. But good luck! Take as long as you need my friend.

size too small said...

i think it's easier to get through winter if you try and see everything as "cozy" and make everything as cozy as possible too. light a fire in the fireplace, drink lots of hot tea, scatter christmas lights around instead of using overhead lighting, and turn up the heat in your house! this is basically how the dutch get through 9 months of cold, rainy weather. and it works like a charm- i've never been happier to be in a cold, freezing, grey country as i was in holland- b/c they made everything feel so cozy! good luck!

Erin said...

Good advice ladies :) Will definitely try to be more positive when it comes to the idea of Winter. Thanks!