My Weekend

It was a great weekend but I have next to nothing when it comes to pictures. Sorry guys! I promise to start taking better and more pictures in February. 

Something interesting happened over the weekend though. I accidently (too many drinks) left my wallet in a cab this past Saturday. Luckily I didn't have that much in it and quickly canceled all my cards. I figured my wallet was a goner and even started searching for a new wallet yesterday. This morning I went to work and within five minutes of being there got a phone call from someone who took that same cab this morning and found my wallet! I find it pretty amazing and refreshing that in such a big city, people will actually take time out of their day to give someone something important that they lost. Just another reason why I like this place.


meemsnyc said...

Wow, it's nice to know there are good people out there in New York. I got my wallet stolen twice, once off my desk at work, and once at Starbucks in Herald Square. (sigh) It's nice to know there are decent people in the city though.


That's wonderful! I love a good lost and found story.

I once lost my phone in Brooklyn, too, after a long night of drinking and purging. I got a call the next day on my friend's phone that some nice British fellow at Greenpoint has it. So amazing. There are awesome people out there.

Unknown said...

Something similar happened to me here in Chicago about 5 years ago. I had gone to a wedding downtown, and had brought a tiny purse with me and had been using a cigarette case as my wallet for some dumb reason. Somehow I dropped the case without knowing it and really freaked out while i was in a cab with the jerk I was dating then. He ended up covering me for the next few days while I tried to get any money I could. Then I got a call from Columbia college saying that some man in Tennessee had my ID/credit cards and cash and could only get a hold of me through my student ID. What? Anyway, she put me in touch with him and he mailed everything back to me using the cash I had in there and even gave me the receipt. So generous and I totally sent him a Christmas card that year!