We're Moving!

**For the next week I'll be blogging both here and on my new blog. I hope you'll follow me there!

After almost three years of talking about living someplace new, we've finally decided to move. We've spent the past few months trying to decide where our new home should be. We thought about Asheville, North Carolina, we looked at L.A., we even thought about Burlington, Vermont. But none of these places seemed to feel right for us. We finally came to a decision two weeks ago. (Nothing like last minute huh?)

Starting February 1st, Brett and I and all of our things will be driving across the country to our new home, San Francisco! I'm excited, I'm nervous, happy and the tiniest bit sad. But we're mostly excited to explore a whole new city and everything San Francisco and it's surroundings have to offer. 

I spent the past weekend packing up box after box and getting rid of so many things that I didn't even know we had. It's really hard getting rid of all the stuff that you've accumulated over the years but when you only have a little car and trailer to carry all your things in, it's pretty important to only take the things you love.

When we leave in two weeks, I hope to share photos and the progress of our travels across the country here on my blog. Hopefully the internet will allow for that... And as for saying goodbye to Brooklyn, ya, I'm not quite ready for that yet.

P.S. Speaking of getting rid of some of our things - I'll be selling my Gocco Printer on ebay this week in case anyone is interested. Feel free to email me at bowarrowdesigns@gmail.com for more details.  

(Photos from our California Trip in 2010.)


rebecca said...

what amazing news!! congrats to you.

Truan said...

Aw I've always wanted to go to San Francisco! Hope it's everything you want and more :)