My Weekend

So I've been pretty absent the past few days and I apologize. With the wedding getting closer, I'm focusing a lot of my time on finishing up projects and whatnot. Hopefully I'll be able to post regularly from now on. For those that sent the sweet emails and comments - our bathroom is back to normal and I no longer have to worry about the gaping hole above my head when I shower.

Anyways, this weekend was pretty amazing! We had a long weekend and ended up going to the beach two days in a row (what a luxury!). Since it reached 111˚ on Friday and Saturday it was pretty packed. Then, what I thought was going to be a dinner in Manhattan with Brett turned out to be a surprise bachelorette party thrown by my amazing friends! It was so nice to see my friends all sitting at one table. We had a great time even though it was a million degrees outside. On Sunday, Brett and I headed to the Willamsburg waterfront and to the Flea.  It was such a great weekend that I'm not even sad that it's Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!


katie said...

sounds like a great weekend! hope all of the rest of the planning and prep goes well!

Chaucee said...

Well I hope you are enjoying the wedding planning. Love the beach shots!