My Weekend

This past weekend was the most amazing, family-filled weekend I've had in a long time. The surprise was a success - my mom and sister were completely stunned! We celebrated my little sister's graduation, played numerous games of corn hole and celebrated Mother's Day with the world's number one Mom. I was really sad to leave and already miss everyone so much.
*Side note: I think we were all inspired by the Royal Wedding this weekend as you can tell by all the different hats.  (Hopefully my sister's won't kill me for putting up these pictures.)


size too small said...

looks like so much fun!

Lindsey said...

Haha LOVE the hats! I hope you guys had fun! I got a run-down of everyone's corn-hole skills :) Congrats to Kate!!!

Kris said...

Love the pics!! I tried to comment while at work but my internet died. Miss you already. =/