Happy Friday and a Surprise!

Since my little sis is graduating from college this weekend (sniff, sniff) AND it's Mother's Day weekend, I decided to hop on a plane and surprise them in good ol' North Carolina. I'm so ready to soak up some rays and relax on the beach. Happy Friday y'all! I'll be back on Monday with some fun pictures as always. Enjoy! 



Unknown said...

Hooray! Your family is going to be so stoked upon your arrival! I wish I was going to North Carolina to visit family this weekend - what an amazing place to be able to visit. Have fun!!

DeAnna Caggiano said...

You're pictures lately are driving me mad! I want to swim!

Hope you have a great time in NC - let's get together next week!!

katie walker said...

ohh thats exciting! have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow, good for you! i almost never do stuff like that without planning with others...i have this irrational fear i'll get there and everyone will have up and gone...to the cottage or something.