2010 Recap




But getting engaged made this the best year yet!

2010 was by far one of the best years I've ever had. Something tells me 2011 won't be too shabby either. Thanks so much for reading bklynstitch. Your support and comments mean the world to me! Have a VERY Happy New Year! See you in 2011!


Unknown said...

2010 was the best year of my life, hands down. I mean, I traveled to California, Texas, Las Vegas, Italy; got marrrried; saw my bff get married; saw all of my favorite people in one place at the wedding, that was enough to make my year; quit my stupid job; got crafty and such. But there were downsides - a lot of our friends picked up and moved out of Chicago but that's really about it. My fingers are crossed that 2011 is great not only for me and my family but for everyone! I think 2011 will be pretty great for you!

milk tea + polkadots said...

those are really great photos of the cities you've been to! love that font you used in the "things" section. what is it? :)

happy new year!

Meghan said...

I'd say you had the best year of any Dermody sister, although Kristin's graduation, my engagement, and Kaitlin's passing of the PRAXIS (sp?) isn't too shabby! :) I look forward to reading your blog, seeing what you're up to, and attending your wedding in 2011!

Laken said...

What a wonderful 2010! Wishing you an even better 2011

dame said...

Your pics are lovely, these look so good! Thank you, it's been very interestingly.