Etsy Finds Friday

Wow, this was a crazy week. So happy it's Friday and even happier that it's a three day weekend. The plans so far are to finally see Avatar, do some things around the apartment and work on etsy ideas. What are your plans?

Since it's been so gray here in NYC I thought it'd be nice to have some color. Here are some lovely finds in this weeks theme: teal. Don't you want to just decorate a whole room with a bunch of those pom poms? Have a great weekend everyone!
Items going clockwise:
pom pom,
italian cotton ribbons,
decorative clipboard,
flower ring


Searched And Found said...

Going to see Avatar sounds fun! I haven't seen it yet and am still deciding on whether or not to go. If you can let me know how it is!

I plan on doing a lot of knitting (have some orders to fill), taking pictures of lovely vintage things for the shop, and doing a lot of visiting with friends and family. It's the last weekend at home before the semester starts so I have to make use of it!

Love those pom poms : )

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