Layered Look

So I have a slight obsession with bangles. I've never actually counted, but I would say that I have about 30-40 different bangles. If I forget to put one on before I head to work, I feel slightly naked for the rest of the day. Although I'm sure some people would think that the layered looks above are a little too much, I love them. The more jewelry the better in my opinion.

Photos from here and here.


Collette Osuna said...

The more layers the better I say:)

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Mo Pie, Please said...

I love the looks too - but I can't personally pull it off! I just can't figure out how to do it and feel comfortable at the same time. But if you can pull it off, please, do it!

the southern hostess said...

So chic and fun. I love that red coat too.

katie said...

aw i love it this look.