Everything But the Kitchen Sink

The dreaded apartment search has begun... Recently a few (non NYers) have asked me if searching for an apartment is fun and exciting. You would think having a fresh start and seeing different apartments across the city would be fun. But it's not.

To be honest, I really can't complain all that much because we really haven't physically gone to see many places yet and the few that we have seen were actually a lot nicer than we imagined. But $300 application fees and paying thousands of dollars to someone that showed us the apartment for 5 minutes has turned us off. I was explaining to my sister that finding an apartment in NYC is like finding a needle in haystack. Just when you think you've found the perfect place and have already decorated the place in your head (or on graph paper, I'm a designer, I can't help it), you come to find out the rent is double what they advertised online. This happens all the time and it's the main reason why we haven't moved in 3 years. 

After hours of online searching, I think I found one of my favorite ads. It had nice photos of a renovated apartment, in a desirable part of Brooklyn, that was bigger than a closet and was going for a really reasonable price. After thinking this may be the one, we scrolled down and it read: "What's the catch? There is no bathroom sink." Really? Oh New York, what we do for you...

Photos from here and here.


Mo Pie, Please said...

It's reasons like these that we moved to a random city in the Midwest (not entirely random, the in-laws live here) so we could purchase the home of our dreams. We have many bathroom sinks...just saying :)

Best of luck in the search - it does not sound fun to me at all! Have a good weekend!

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

Searching for housing is always a daunting task to me as well. It should be fun, but stress quickly sets in! Good luck in your search. I love this color palette :) xoxo