Honeymoon: Mykonos

Mykonos was our last island to visit. It's an island known for it's nightlife and beaches. Although we didn't stay up to witness it, we were told that everyone starts going out at 3am for the night and stay out to 8am. This baffles me. We loved the town of Mykonos with it's really cute shops and small tavernas. Everywhere you turned there was another cute alley to turn down.

The second day we were in Mykonos we rented a quad and drove all around the island and visited about 4 of their beaches. We called it the "mini red shark" after Brett's first car. Isn't it cute?

For lunch we stumbled upon a middle of nowhere fishing village that consisted of a few fishermen's houses and a seafood restaurant. I don't think I'll ever forget this lunch. Besides a nice German lady, there was no one else at the restaurant (as you can see it was hard to find a parking spot). She sat at the table next to us. While we were waiting for our food, we both heard a yelp and looked over and saw that 2 goats had jumped up on the German ladies table. Brett had to shoo them away so she could eat her meal in peace. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, I was a little too late getting a good picture of this.

We ordered tzatziki and fried shrimp. It was the best shrimp we've ever had and we're pretty sure it was caught that day.
Then we drove around the island some more and headed to town to watch the sunset.

Below is a picture of Mykonos' Little Venice. Everyone goes here to watch the sunset and sip some cocktails. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's final post on Greece...

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