Honeymoon: Crete

Next up, Crete! After taking a quick flight from Athens, we picked up our little rental car and headed towards our hotel. We really had no idea what to expect when it came to any of the places we picked but when we arrived at the hotel and were greeted with glasses of champagne, we knew we picked the perfect spot.

For all your future honeymooners out there, I just want you to remember one thing - mention the word "honeymoon" as much as you possibly can. Even if it doesn't make sense in sentence form just do it. The perks are pretty amazing. We were fortunate enough to be upgraded to the honeymoon suite that had it's very own private pool and complimentary spa package.

We weren't really expecting to hangout at our hotel that much during our stay but after seeing everything it offered, we figured we'd save the exploring for the other islands and just hang by the private beach.

I'm finally getting used to seeing Brett with a ring on his finger.

The beautiful view from our room.

The last day we were there we decided we should probably try to see at least a little bit of Crete so we ventured to the Cretan Olive Oil Farm. We saw their 17 different varieties of olives and learned how olive oil is made. Many Christmas gifts were purchased here - get excited sisters.

Then we headed back to our hotel for some spa time and swimming. ...honeymoons rule.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Santorini photos.


Kris said...

Ooo ooo Super excited about my olive oil! Sure hope it made the trip better than the wine you brought home from France that one time. =)

Meghan said...

I love olives AND olive oil! Bring on December!!!

I can't believe your honeymoon suite! What a GORGEOUS location. And a private pool? Wow - rock stars!