This time last year Brett and I were on a 2 week road trip up the coast of California. Thinking about it is getting my super excited for our next trip to Greece. Only 3 more months to go! Are you going on any trips this summer?


Mo Pie, Please said...

Our wedding was in California last August, so I was out there for 2 weeks as well! Afterward, I hopped in an SUV with my family and toured down the coast, ending our trip in Disneyland. We put our honeymoon off until a month after the wedding so we could recuperate anyway. Le sigh.

I did however just get back from sunny Florida! It was our only true trip planned for the summer - it was awesome but I'm sad it's over.

DeAnna Caggiano said...

We're going to Montauk for a weekend getaway at the end of June and then I think BACK to Costa Rica in December! Very exciting!!!