Royal Wedding

To be honest, I haven't really been following all the hub bub of the royal wedding and I certainly won't be one of the many people that will be viewing the whole thing in Times Square. But I have had fun with the fact that my fiance and Kate share the same last name. It's been awesome seeing people reactions after I tell them that they are "cousins" and how I'm freaking out over which dress I'm going to be wearing to the big event. 

Although I'm not really into the event of the decade, my sister is and I'm having a hard time NOT buying these nicely designed royal wedding souvenirs for her. Found via Design Crush.


Kris said...

Whereas you may not be following the hub-bub, I have been waiting for this event since I first heard of Prince William at the age of like 5. I will be watching it (maybe not live) with champagne in hand and hopefully wearing a crazy British hat. Maybe Brett can get give me his invite so I can go in his place to see his cousin? P.S. Love, love, love the bag. =)

Collections said...

hahah that's hysterical. I must admit I'm not into it either, I just don't get the big hub bub about it!

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