My Weekend

Bottomless bellini's and brunch, hyper-active furballs and signs of Spring. How was your weekend?


Collections said...

That pug is adorable. Looks like a fun filled weekend!

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gretehan said...

hyper-active furballs :)

Mina G. said...

Hey Erin,

Is that on Dekalb? I used to live in that are and enjoyed going there in the weekends. The farmers market is also nice on Saturdays.

I live in Greenpoint now, not as many beautiful brown-stones but still lovely and very active in the weekends.

PS: that pugs is to die for, thinking of adopting one myself.

Erin said...

Mina - The brunch that we had IS on Dekalb. We ate at Chez Oskar which is one of my favorite restaurants. I love Greenpoint!