My Weekend

This weekend consisted of lots of painting, the NYC marathon (Lyz you rock!) and hanging with old friends. I was able to postpone the letterpress class I was supposed to take because I really wanted to watch all the runners. Every year I feel really inspired after watching all 40,000 people work their butts off. This post pretty much sums of my feelings about marathon day. How was your weekend? Ps. (to all you New Yorkers) Can you believe the snow this morning??


Anonymous said...

Great pics! That orange guy seriously ran the whole race like that?

Meghan said...

Snow? How can NYC be colder than Boston?! Although it could've been snowing all morning for all I know... stuck in a hospital all day!

Erin said...

Kris - Ha yes he probably did. There are always some crazy outfits at the marathon. My favorite was a rhino suit :)

Meg - It really only flurried but it felt weird seeing how it's not even Thanksgiving!

milk tea + polkadots said...

You guys had flurries already?? Its been unusually warm here in Chicago. It's been in the upper 60s all week!

That guy was really orange! At the Chicago marathon last month, I saw a runner wearing a full-body size, metal Eiffel Tower. It looked heavy! He actually ran the whole race with it on! Marathon runners are crazy!