Etsy Finds Friday

Thank God it's Friday! It was the first full week back at work since the holiday. It certainly wasn't easy. If only 8 hours during vacation felt as long as 8 hours at work! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm! Items going Clockwise: (click graphic to make bigger)
Wool Pencil Skirt,
Deer Head,
Attache Case


stephanie renee said...

this is such a cute post, thanks for including me!

Alana said...

Ah! We bought a deer head from Rachel! It's light green and over our mantel :) Love it so much.

Loving Life in Southern California! said...

These are beautiful finds! Love your blog - following you now! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

la casita de wendy said...

Beautiful!!! i love these *_*

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

That necklace is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The deer head is my favorite.