Happy Friday!

Well this week seemed to just fly by now didn't it? There's lots to do this weekend. I'm going to be finishing up some of the favors for the wedding, making our table numbers and will hopefully take photos of our invitations to show all of you! Even though this weekend seems somewhat jam packed we're definitely taking a few hours to just lay on the beach. Hope you have a lovely weekend!



After stumbling upon the first photo, I thought this amazing little space was someone's apartment. After a little bit of research, I found out that it's not an apartment but an amazing looking hotel in Uruguay called Casa Zinc . Doesn't it look kind of magical?


Madewell: Fall

Madewell just released their Fall collection and I think it's pretty amazing. I love the colors and all the layering. My friends and I were just talking about how much we love summer but at the same time we miss wearing boots and jeans. I have a slight obsession with boots and once the weather turns to about 65 degrees and under that's all I'll ever wear. Happy shopping!

All images from StyleList.com


Before Summers End

Every summer I have a list of things I want to do and see before it ends. This summer has been pretty hard to cross things off the list but since we still have over a month a half left, here are the few things I would love to do. 

Do you have any goals or things you want to do before summer ends?


Max Wanger

I'm in love with these shots by Max Wanger. See the rest of the series here. 


My Weekend

So I've been pretty absent the past few days and I apologize. With the wedding getting closer, I'm focusing a lot of my time on finishing up projects and whatnot. Hopefully I'll be able to post regularly from now on. For those that sent the sweet emails and comments - our bathroom is back to normal and I no longer have to worry about the gaping hole above my head when I shower.

Anyways, this weekend was pretty amazing! We had a long weekend and ended up going to the beach two days in a row (what a luxury!). Since it reached 111˚ on Friday and Saturday it was pretty packed. Then, what I thought was going to be a dinner in Manhattan with Brett turned out to be a surprise bachelorette party thrown by my amazing friends! It was so nice to see my friends all sitting at one table. We had a great time even though it was a million degrees outside. On Sunday, Brett and I headed to the Willamsburg waterfront and to the Flea.  It was such a great weekend that I'm not even sad that it's Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!


Take a Dip

Who wants to go swimming?


Life's a Beach

When I was little my family had a beach blanket that said "Life's a Beach." I didn't get it until about 5 years ago but now I think about it and laugh. (I'm a little slow what can I say.) So today I was reminded of that blanket...

I think most people would agree with me when I say "Mondays are the worst." Well, this Monday in particular isn't so great. My weekend wasn't exactly a good one and today I woke up to find out that our ceiling in our bathroom totally collapsed, kind of out of no where. Awesome right? So I'm just having one of those days and will hopefully be back in a better mood tomorrow. See you then.


Happy Friday!

Helllo Friday, it's nice to see you again! What are you up to this weekend? With only 50 days to go (gulp!) 'til the wedding, I will be trying to get a few projects finished. Then, on Saturday I'm treating myself to a spa day while Brett and his groomsmen get fitted for their suits and gallivant around town. Hope yours is lovely!


Helm Workshop

I would proudly drink a beer with that kind of label. Well done Helm Workshop!


Summer Outfits

Two perfect summer outfits - don't you think? Found here and here. P.s. I want her hair!


One Day Soon

For the past 3 years, I have been working and making things out of my teensy tiny Brooklyn apartment. To be honest, it really hasn't been that horrible and Brett and I have gotten used to having all my supplies and things laying around and not having a a proper dining table. We've unfortunately gotten used to eating dinner on our couch (horrible, I know!). But someday soon I hope to have my own studio space whether it be the second bedroom in our future apartment or a renovated barn in the backyard (my dream!). Once all the hubbub of our wedding is over, I have big big plans and I can't wait to share them with you. I'm not quite sure what brought this up. It's probably because I came across this gorgeous studio above or maybe it's because it's all I can think about anymore. Ahh a girl can dream right?


Made Me Smile

Sold here. Found here.


A Perfect Picnic

I've always been a fan of giving gifts that are outside the box. Julie and Matt from Tiger in a Jar, received the cutest gift for their wedding. Their friend made them a "picnic kit" that was filled with everything that makes for a perfect picnic. It even included Keds and suspenders. 
How cute is that?

My Weekend

How beautiful was this weekend? While at the cabin we went hiking, laid out in the sun and had a bbq. Weekends like this last one make it really hard to go back to work. Hope yours was lovely!


Happy Friday!

Ah Friday I missed you! This weekend we're heading up to the cabin (for real this time). Some fresh air is definitely needed especially after being trapped in the subway for an hour and a half last night...but that's a long story. There will be wine, bbqs and bonfires and some family fun. 
What are your plans for the weekend?


Art School

Yesterday, Brett showed me this article he found about one of the professors that had taught at Pratt (where we went to college). After reading it, we both seemed to be instantly inspired and it brought back a lot of the great memories of our college years. It reminded us what graphic design is all about and why we're even in this field. Brett was fortunate enough to have him as a professor and it may sound silly but I think he had an impact on the work that he does today. I, on the other hand, never signed up for his class and I truly regret it. He passed away 4 years ago.

The article is about Charles Goslin, a professor who taught graphic design at Pratt for 50 years. The man is a design legend. (See the few, yet amazing examples above and you'll see what I'm talking about.) I won't go on explaining his work because I feel like I could never do it justice. Whether you are a designer or not, I highly recommend that you read this article. Either way you'll learn something.


Yellow Roundup

Yellow has been an on/off favorite color of mine since I was little. It's so bright and cheery and seems to make everything "pop". I like it so much that it's one of our wedding colors. 

Here's a little roundup of all things yellow:
1. Scarf / 2. Selfridges Candy / 3. Ring / 4. Bikini Bottom / 5. Dress / 6. Cardigan

Currently Craving

I can't get enough of the beach this summer. For me, my ideal day involves going to the beach for a few hours and coming home to feel slightly crispy while eating cocktail shrimp. Then you watch a few episodes of Madmen and fall asleep early because the sun totally wiped you out. I say let's play hookie and go to the beach? Who's with me?
All images from masikawa.



Layering wall art and that chandelier. Makes me want to run home and redecorate.


An Outfit For

We're counting down the days til Greece and I've had my eye on a few things to buy for the trip. This would be a perfect outfit for walking around the island of Crete - don't you think?
1. Top / 2. Purse / 3. Pants / 4. Heels / 5. Earrings

My Weekend

Long weekends are the best, aren't they? We decided not to go up to the cabin and ended going to the beach instead. We drove out to Fire Island, chased down Mr. Softee, made these amazing cocktails, replanted some plants and ate delicious food here and here. How was your weekend? Happy belated Fourth of July!!