Happy Friday!

Happy (almost) Halloween! This weekend we're headed to Connecticut for a wedding and then we both have dates with our computers for the rest of the weekend so we can finish up some big projects we've been working on. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Are you dressing up?



The Stable

I want to go to there. My list of places to visit is growing and growing. Malaysia is now on the list.

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Layered Look

So I have a slight obsession with bangles. I've never actually counted, but I would say that I have about 30-40 different bangles. If I forget to put one on before I head to work, I feel slightly naked for the rest of the day. Although I'm sure some people would think that the layered looks above are a little too much, I love them. The more jewelry the better in my opinion.

Photos from here and here.


Cabins + Cottages

After spending a beautiful fall weekend upstate at my inlaws cabin, all I can think of is one day having our very own little cabin. Upstate New York is gorgeous this time of year.

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Still Here

Soooo it's Thursday already and I haven't posted once this week. Whoopsy. Sometimes you just need a break right? I'm going to take one more day off and will be back on Monday. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Photo from our engagement shoot.


Happy Friday!

Today has been a weird day, a very weird day. It's one of those days that you question why the heck you're doing what you're doing. Does that ever happen to you? I would go into detail about why I'm saying this but it's too soon for that and hopefully I can explain it all in the near future. My apologies for being so vague and confusing - it's been a very long week. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday.

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Brooklyn Slate Company

We received one of these fun cheese boards for our wedding from one of my good friends. I love the simplicity of it and their packaging. Their lookbook makes my stomach grumble. Thanks Gretch!


Fifty People One Question

I'm going to take a break from blogging today since it's my birthday! But I will leave you with this sweet video and ask you this: if you could wish for something to happen by the end of the day what would it be? 

I could think of a million things but to keep it simple I'll say that I wish to have a slice of cake. I'm pretty sure that can be taken care of :) Have a lovely day!

Check out more of this amazing video series here.


Our Wedding Day

Brett and I were married on September 3rd. It was by far the most exciting and intense day of my life. I will absolutely never forget it. Here are a few of my favorite photos taken by Whitney and Dustin Deal from Oh, Darling.


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Friends! This week was exciting because we finally received our wedding photos. I'm hoping to share them with you in the next coming weeks but for now, here's a little sneak peek into our day. 

Here's what on the agenda for the weekend.
More apartment searching and packing
A trip to the farmers market
Read of good chunk of Hunger Games. (I can tell this book is going to be really good.)
Finally Get Around to Reading the New Issue of Rue

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

All photos were taken by Oh, Darling!

An Outfit For: A Fall Day

1. Blouse  2. Fedora  3. Envelope Clutch  4. Bracelet and Watch  5. Boots  6. Skirt


Everything But the Kitchen Sink

The dreaded apartment search has begun... Recently a few (non NYers) have asked me if searching for an apartment is fun and exciting. You would think having a fresh start and seeing different apartments across the city would be fun. But it's not.

To be honest, I really can't complain all that much because we really haven't physically gone to see many places yet and the few that we have seen were actually a lot nicer than we imagined. But $300 application fees and paying thousands of dollars to someone that showed us the apartment for 5 minutes has turned us off. I was explaining to my sister that finding an apartment in NYC is like finding a needle in haystack. Just when you think you've found the perfect place and have already decorated the place in your head (or on graph paper, I'm a designer, I can't help it), you come to find out the rent is double what they advertised online. This happens all the time and it's the main reason why we haven't moved in 3 years. 

After hours of online searching, I think I found one of my favorite ads. It had nice photos of a renovated apartment, in a desirable part of Brooklyn, that was bigger than a closet and was going for a really reasonable price. After thinking this may be the one, we scrolled down and it read: "What's the catch? There is no bathroom sink." Really? Oh New York, what we do for you...

Photos from here and here.

Playing With Your Food

The other day at work, I was working with an art director on a ad that was all about cookies. We started talking about the styling of everything and he was telling me all about the photoshoot and the food artist/stylist he worked with. He was explaining how the artist brought in a huge tool kit and sat and painted these cookies for about 4 hours. He said she had every kind of baking decoration you could ever imagine. I figured she went to school for cooking or baking but to my surprise she studied sculpture. It makes sense if you think about it.

It got me thinking that in my next life or if I could start all over again I would love to be a food stylist. I know it sounds like a super tedious job but at the same time it's sounds like so much fun. And how can you not like working with food? 

All of the above photos were found on one of my favorite food stylists and photographer's site, Fish Food/a> by Teri Lyn Fisher.


Polka Dots


Trying Something New

For the past couple of months I've really been interested in dying my hair. I haven't been able to commit to a color but am hoping to do so soon so I can just do it already. Since I've never dyed my hair it's a bit scary but I think I am just going to go for it. Which look do you prefer?

Photos found here and here.