It's about that time!

This time tomorrow I'll be on a plane headed to L.A.! For about two weeks, Brett and I will be driving up the coast of California with the end destination being San Francisco. We been waiting for this trip for over 3 months so we're both more than ready. Hope you have a good couple of weeks. I'll be back with lots of photos!
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I love you NY...

...but you're stressing me out! So after work last night I went to go move my car (because of alternate side parking) which was about 3 blocks away from my apartment. I was walking down the road and thought hmm I don't see my car, maybe it's behind that big SUV. I walked up to the SUV, nope, nada my car was gone. GONE! I automatically freaked out and called Brett. (That's what I do best). I asked him if he had moved the car and he said he hadn't. Next thing we did was call the tow pound thinking maybe the city just felt like towing my car for no reason. Nothing. So, all I could think of was my car was stolen. Total bummer.

So as I was freaking out, Brett went to double check to make sure the car really wasn't there. He came back to the apartment and said he noticed the road had just been paved, probably within a day or two. (He's so smaht!) I felt a little calmer but where the heck was my car? After a few phone calls we finally found out that my car had been "relocated". Since the road needed to be paved, some city official had towed my car about 2 blocks from where I parked it and decided not to tell me. Amazing right? I do love you NY but it's times like last night that make me not like you so much.


M.I.A + Happy Mother's Day!

My mom and me at Surfside beach, Nantucket.

My apologies for the disappearing act. The past two months have been so busy and somehow I lost motivation to keep this little blog running. But I'm back now :) Starting next week I hope to get back to my regular routine and post at least once a day.

So what are you all up to? This Sunday, as you all know, is Mother's day and to celebrate my mom, sisters and cousin Jeannine and I are going to Raleigh, NC. We're seeing Riverdance (yes, we're that Irish)! I can't remember the last time I was actually with my mom on mother's day so I'm really excited. Can't wait to see y'all. Have a happy weekend everyone!