Happy Friday!

It's Friday...what a relief! This week was quite the work week and now it's finally time to relax and enjoy the weekend. 

This is a ridiculous photo from a wedding I went to this summer. As you can see, I have three awesome sisters and one awesome mom and they live far, far away and I miss them...a lot. Lately I've been kind of sad that we don't get to see each other that much because whenever we get together, we have so much fun and turn into big dorks - as seen above. This feeling always happens after some big event like holidays or weddings. I just wish I could call one of them up on the phone to meet for tea or to go shopping. For now I guess I'll just have to count down til we all reunite for Thanksgiving. Ouf!

Here's what's on the list for the weekend:
Enjoy Some Burgers While Watching the Yankees Kick Butt Here 
Bake a Carrot Cake - As Per Request
Have Brunch with a Friend Here
Work on Wedding Invitation Designs for the Shop
Begin the Dreaded Apartment Search

What are your plans for the weekend?


Kove Knitwear

A few birthdays ago my sisters gave me an amazing cowl scarf. Amazing might be an understatement as I've worn it every single day, every winter, for the past 3 years. I think this year I might change it up a bit and add another cowl into the mix. I love the ones sold at Kove. Those boot warmers are looking pretty comfy too.

For the New Place

Next month we're moving into a new apartment (that is if we can find one). Brett and I have lived in the same apartment for three and a half years with all our hand-me-down furniture so I think it's time for a few new things. Here are some things I've had my eye on.

1. Ferry from Ardrossan Harbor Print  2. Eames Chair  3.Book Shelf  4. Chevron Throw  5. Vintage Clock   6.Credenza  7. Vase


Get the Look: Fall Outfit

Pair all of this with a nice pair of jeans and you have yourself a perfect Fall outfit.

Top image found here.

Toto Print Company

One of my very good friends, Dave, has opened up his own printing shop right here in Brooklyn. He's one of the most talented people I know and I hope you take a few minutes to check out his work. If you're ever in need of something screen printed, he's your man. All posters seen on his site can be purchased here.


Living in a Treehouse

Doesn't this look like one of the coolest and coziest bedrooms you've ever seen?

It's A Girl!

I am more than happy to announce that one of my sister's is having a baby girl! It's the very first of our family so you can imagine how excited we all are to meet the little lady. Here are a few things I've had my eye on for her. She's going to be one styling (and seriously spoiled) chick. Congrats Meg and Kal!

1. Onesie 2. Brooklyn Tee 3. Gold Sandals 4. Stacker Toy 5. Whale Bookends 6. Dotted Dress

(My Weekend Posts will be back in a few weeks as my camera is being fixed.)


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! And First day of Fall! This is the best time of year isn't it? Apples, pumpkin spice, sweater and boots...yes, these are the things that make me happy. It's been so fun sharing all our honeymoon photos with you this week. 

Here's what's on the list for the weekend:
Celebrate Brett's Grandpa's 80th Birthday
Attend a good friends housewarming party
Find a good book to read - any suggestions?
Sleep in and make pancakes

What are your plans for the weekend?

Honeymoon: Athens

After a quick plane right back to Athens, we headed for the Plaka one last time for some souvenirs. Since we were pretty wiped from all the traveling we'd been doing, we decided to just hangout at the hotel pool and watch the Acropolis from afar.


Honeymoon: Mykonos

Mykonos was our last island to visit. It's an island known for it's nightlife and beaches. Although we didn't stay up to witness it, we were told that everyone starts going out at 3am for the night and stay out to 8am. This baffles me. We loved the town of Mykonos with it's really cute shops and small tavernas. Everywhere you turned there was another cute alley to turn down.

Honeymoon: Santorini Part3

On our final day in Santorini we went on a sailing tour called Thalassa. With the tour, we were able to hike up the volcano, swim in some (not so hot) hot springs, eat some Greek mezze and learn a little bit of Greek dancing. It was the perfect way to end our stay in Santorini.


Honeymoon: Santorini Part 2

Watching the sunsets from our balcony was one of my favorite parts of the trip. This photo was actually taken on the day of my mom's birthday. I was sad that I couldn't celebrate with her. But Mom, you see that extra glass of wine? Yea, that one was for you!

Honeymoon: Santorini

Out of all the islands we visited, Santorini was my favorite. The views, the colors - they were just amazing. I would go back to Santorini in a heartbeat. The people were so nice and the food was so fresh. We ended up booking our hotel through Mr. and Mrs. Smith and it was the perfect place to stay. I highly recommend staying there if you are heading Santorini.


Honeymoon: Crete

Next up, Crete! After taking a quick flight from Athens, we picked up our little rental car and headed towards our hotel. We really had no idea what to expect when it came to any of the places we picked but when we arrived at the hotel and were greeted with glasses of champagne, we knew we picked the perfect spot.


Honeymoon: Athens

Ready to hear about our honeymoon? For the rest of the week I plan on sharing our photos from each of the places we visited. I hope you enjoy!

We left for our honeymoon the Monday after our wedding. By then we both felt completely exhausted and all we wanted to do was sleep. Luckily all our flights were on time and we were somehow upgraded to first class on both of our flights to Athens. The honeymoon was off to a great start.


Yasas! We're back from our honeymoon and happier than ever. I'm now a "Mrs", my nose has turned into one big freckle and we both feel so refreshed and so loved. The past three weeks have been so amazing and we cannot thank our family and friends enough for making our wedding day so special. It feels shockingly good to be back in NY and back to normal life. 

We took about 2,000 photos on our trip and I hope to share a few of them with you this week. Hope you've all had a great three weeks! Can't wait to hear what you've all been up to.
Photo by my lovely friend, Alana Davis.