Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Friends! What are you up to this weekend? We're taking a day trip to Hudson on Saturday and on Sunday we'll be designing our invitations and having a picnic at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Hope it's a good one! Image


Thurday Music

This song has been on repeat the past few days. I'm really looking forward to the next album.


Why I Love Spring


You can take long bike rides. You can finally wear cute skirts (sans tights). All the pretty flowers come out. You can enjoy picnics in the park. And it means that we're THAT much closer to getting married! (source unknown)


My Weekend

A haircut, board games and an Easter Feast. How was your weekend?


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday and Happy (almost) Easter! Apologies for the lack of posts this week. I've been feeling pretty lazy...

What are you up to this fine Spring weekend? My first dress fitting is tomorrow. I'm so excited and pretty relieved to get it out of my shoebox of a closet.  The poor thing has been stuffed in there like a sardine. Then we're spending Easter with Brett's sister and a few friends. I hope to be back on Monday with some photos. Enjoy!

P.s. I really feel for this little girl. Gigantic bunnies ARE scary! Image


My Weekend

Bottomless bellini's and brunch, hyper-active furballs and signs of Spring. How was your weekend?


A Paper Record Player

We're in the process of designing our wedding invitations and these insane paper record player invites just upped the ante. I'm in complete awe right now. Kelli Anderson, you're a genius. Found via simplesong.

Royal Wedding

To be honest, I haven't really been following all the hub bub of the royal wedding and I certainly won't be one of the many people that will be viewing the whole thing in Times Square. But I have had fun with the fact that my fiance and Kate share the same last name. It's been awesome seeing people reactions after I tell them that they are "cousins" and how I'm freaking out over which dress I'm going to be wearing to the big event. 

Although I'm not really into the event of the decade, my sister is and I'm having a hard time NOT buying these nicely designed royal wedding souvenirs for her. Found via Design Crush.


Brooklyn Apartment

See more photos of Jane Herman's sunny Brooklyn apartment here.


Studio Envy

Images found here, here, here and here.


My Weekend

We had some delicious moules frites here on Friday (please excuse the blurry pic - it was impossible to get a good one). Saturday we picked up some herbs at the farmers market and had fish tacos and picked up our wedding "guestbook" at the flea. I've been looking for a perfect vintage typewriter for a while and finally found one! How was your weekend?

P.s. The last photo is of two Built By Wendy dresses that I'll be selling on ebay sometime this week. They're unfortunately too big. Stay tuned...


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! What are you up to this fine weekend? We're hoping to start up our herb "garden" again, begin brainstorming/sketching ideas for our invitations and plan on making a huge dent on our couch cushions. Enjoy! Image

Pops of Gold

I used to strictly be a silver girl but these days I'm liking gold more and more. 
1. Ring 2. Tumbler 3. Flats 4. Dress 5. Paper Bowl


Inspired By

Brooklyn Map

Loving this Brooklyn Map designed by These Are Things. It would look fantastic on one of our walls...just saying.


Barnes and Noble Classics

How gorgeous are these book cover designs by Jessica Hische? The girl can do no wrong!